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                        Welcome to our Farm!

We started our homestead to provide the best 'real' food for our family.  This quickly grew into friends and relatives asking us to sell the excess food that we raised to their families.  That's basically how our homestead turned into a farmstead!

We are still committed to growing the best, chemical free, natural food for our family and we feel blessed that we are now able to share the same quality food with our customers.


We are growing (in more ways than one)!

Last year we added 15 more hens, mostly brown eggers, to our flock.  They are in full swing again after the usual winter lull.  We also expanded the garden by adding another 120 sq. feet bed.  We also planted 3 varieties of Apples, 4 Cherry bushes, 3 Blackberries, 12 Strawberries, a Grape, and a Blueberry plant.

In January we added our first Jersey heifer, a sweetheart named Butter.  It's really hard to wait until she's old enough to give us wonderful rich cream, raw milk, butter and cheese but it will definitely be worth the wait!

We will be adding another 3000 sq. feet of planting beds for vegetables and forage for the animals this spring.  We probably won't ever be able to grow all of our own animal feed, but we're committed to the best we can.  We will also be adding an incredible variety of fruits and several nut trees this spring.

We are also planning for two heritage gilts and a boar, heritage turkeys to be done in time for Thanksgiving, a couple of bee hives, and a monthly harvest of pastured broilers.  

Are we inside or outside today?

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